About Us

TCH is more than a distributor; we are a solution center. Our collection of industrial hardware components can be found in the medical, information technology, transportation, metal fabrication and defense industries. Employing a knowledgeable and experienced team, TCH presents professional solutions to our valued customers. With distribution facilities in Buffalo, Calgary, Dallas, Montreal and Toronto, we offer an extensive line of products, from ATA case hardware, access hardware, electro-mechanical hardware, laminates, and foam inserts.


With over 40 years of experience, TCH has built a reputation for fast order fulfillment, competitive pricing, and the ability to source custom components. We commit to adding value and customer satisfaction during every step of the process. From design to delivery, TCH will work energetically with our global vendor base to provide the best solutions.    


The entire TCH team recognizes the importance of providing excellent and personalized service. Our purchasing team is passionate and dedicated to maintaining inventory levels, and analyzing trends, to ensure that we have the supply needed to satisfy customer requirements and reduce lead times.




TCH started operating in 1976, primarily serving musicians and businesses in the entertainment industry. TCH hardware and laminates were used in the production of musicians’ ATA cases, DJ road cases and in the setup of event stages. Today, we supply and distribute various case hardware components ranging from handles, catches, latches, casters, foam inserts along with extrusions and speaker parts.


TCH distributes a range of products from partnered manufacturers for various industries such as aviation, healthcare and integrated technology. We represent and distribute handles, gas springs, fasteners, drawer slides, electronic access hardware and much more.


TCH acquired Rush Electronics in 2012 and began its foray in to electro-mechanical hardware. TCH sources and distributes electronic components to serve many industries including Industrial Controls, Lighting, Aviation and HVAC. We now serve electro-mechanical hardware from over thirty manufactures.


In order to better serve our customers with a one-stop shop experience in our case hardware business, we established a Custom Foam service. Using water jet cutting technology, we have the capability of providing custom packaging inserts for all our customers’ needs. An abrasive water jet cutting (AWJ) technology is used for metals and tougher materials, allowing us to produce in-house customized designs and one-off samples for our clients.