About Us

TCH is a distributor of industrial components. The company supplies ATA case hardware, laminates, electro-mechanical hardware, laminates, foam inserts and speaker parts to North American manufacturers. TCH fulfills customer orders out of its warehouse facilities in Buffalo, Calgary, Dallas, Montréal and Toronto.

TCH started operating in 1976, primarily serving musicians and businesses in the entertainment industry. TCH hardware and laminates were used in the production of musicians' ATA-cases, in DJ road-cases and in the construction of event stages. With over 40 years of experience, the company has built a reputation for fast order fulfillment, competitive pricing and the ability to source custom components.

Today, TCH supplies manufacturers in the medical, information technology, transport and defense industries. TCH distributes components via its teams of local account managers, print catalog comprising over 5000 components and our new e-commerce website.