Stab-O-Shock Hydraulic dampening of vibrations and motions.

  • Designed to match the application.
  • Dampens forces in one or both extension and compression direction.
  • Variable damping rates.
  • Compact dimensions with maximum reliability and durability.

Available for position-dependant or position independent installation, and with or without extension force. Suited for operating temperatures between -40°C and +130°C. Has a defined linear progressive or regressive damping force characteristics for optimal results. 












tch-gas-spring-brochure.jpg     tch-gas-spring-form-cover.png     stabilus-gas-spring-waste-disposal-instructions.jpg     stabilus-end-fitting-removal-instructions.jpg



In order to save time and ensure the perfect match for your application, please fill out the design form (above) and email to info@tchweb.com. Please read our gas spring brochure (above) or click HERE for more information regarding the ordering of Stabilus gas springs.