RoHS Compliance Statement

TCH, in an effort to support our customers and supplier base, has committed to RoHS compliance. Pursuant to this effort, we will help our manufacturers as well as our customers manage RoHS introduction.

Included in this management process is as follows.

  • Supplier Policies: Inform our customers of our manufacturer's RoHS policies as these policies continue to evolve.
  • Part Specific Information: Inform customers of specific part number detail on compliance as this information becomes available from our suppliers.
  • Inventory Management: Provide assistance in managing the transition of non-compliant inventory to compliant inventory (specifically product pipeline management).
  • Market Demands: Keep our suppliers posted with market and specific customer needs, which will allow them to be more responsive.
  • Education: Working closely with our supplier partners, Prototek Sheetmetal Fabrication will, to the best of our ability, provide our valued customers and employees with the most up to date RoHS related information available.

For more information regarding our RoHS statement, please contact our Customer Service.