TCH Custom Services


TCH offers a wide selection of custom services to give your hardware that professional look! When your needs can't be met off-the-shelf, we're on the job. TCH offers a wide selection of custom services to meet your specifications and enhance the quality of your products.



Innovative Custom Solutions

We provide concept development services based on your specific requirements, including:                                     

  • New Product Development
  • Adapting Existing Products
  • Incorporating New Features                  



We offer 3D CAD modeling and 2D drawing preparation services to successfully translate concepts into accurate dimension parts. 







Rapid Prototyping

From accurate CAD models, rapid prototyping translates designs into functional, working parts. We can also build samples prior to tooling for marketing and photography purposes.




Based on years of experience, we select the most optimal manufacturing processed for each part, providing such services as:

  • Metal Stamping  
  • CNC Machining
  • Tooling             






Cost efficient parts produced accurately and delivered on time.

  • Stocking Programs
  • JIT Shipping
  • Inventory Management

Stocking Programs

We offer our customers the option of having blanket orders which ensures we have the stock available in our warehouse for you with specific release dates. Call 1-800-465-6281 for more details. Please note minimums are required for this service.






JIT Shipping

JIT or "Just in Time" shipping relates to our blanket order process where we release or ship the products our customers have ordered on specific dates accordingly per request. Please note minimums are required for this service.


Inventory Management

We stock our customers material and laminate products per request or we offer to stock a predetermined amount of product based on customers forecasts. Please note minimums are required for this service.





Name Branding

Offering our customers the option to have their names/logo's stamped on multiple products which include but not limited to our handles, corners or latch butterfly, for simple constant brand recognition. Please note minimums and artwork are required.

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